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The Catalogue of Extraordinary Beings| Book, campaign & video

The Catalogue of Extraordinary Beings is a generative work which has resulted in 59 ink drawings, 30 creatures, and their accompanying texts, collected into a 109 page book! These are the exploits of curious and amazing beings who, by their nature, bring wonder, absurdity, meaning and potential to a world in desperate need.  PixelWhipped created every element in this project, from concept to printing, from promotion to the Kickstarter.


Writing: Todd Will

Illustration: Michelle Timpone

Layout & Design: Michelle Timpone

Edit (book): Linda Timpone

Animation: Michelle Timpone

Music & Sound: Todd Will

Moxom | 9x12 Illustration

Foagnosa | 9x12 Illustration

Ambling Phonoping | 9x12 Illustration

Ambling Phonoping | Promotional Video

Silofef | Promotional Video

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